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Hello everyone! This is lakshmanan arumugam. I am starting my blogspot. My goal is to make people to choose their right spot and reach success. Thankyou all for supporting me by seeing this. I will surely ensure that it will be very useful for your life and you will definitely get a break through by reading this.
Recent posts

Live your Life

Welcome back all! This is my 5th blog and in this I would like to share about how one's own life can be changed by other's word and how this society will treat a person if he fails to do what others do. Coming to Earth and  going out of Earth is very easy but living in this Earth is the most challenging task. We are always aware of what will others say about us for what we had did. The lighter we are, the heavier the society will be. In this World if everybody do their own job then there will be no problem, but we are much addicted to the gossips. What a worst attitude that would be, following the great ethics that would be doing a great job in one's life. If someone does something leave them aside and perform what you need in your life. Don't listen to such things which makes you more demotivated. "The people who are saying not to do will always say and stay at your back, but you will go to a huge distance where the teller will be at the back always". Lif

Believe in yourself

Welcome all! This is my 4th blog and i would like to share about the important problem that everyone is facing in their daily life. We are in a era where technology grows faster than humans, while running back towards technology makes us to forgot ourselves and what we are doing in daily life. One of the most important problem that everyone faces is depression and anxiety. Recent survey tells that about 800000 people die by suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000(17%) are from India. Particularly from southern states of India the suicide rate increases upto 2.4% every year where men is to women ratio is 2:1. Suicide is the artificial way of killing ourselves. The initial stage of suicide is depression, what are the major causes of depression? according to the survey many fall in depression and committing suicide mainly due to family problems such as, not paying the loan on time, troublesome someone for not paying the debt. Next many people are committing because of the physic

Fightback your negative thoughts

Welcome all! This is my third blog post and here i wanted to share a important thing that is essential for everyone. How to face the failure and how it can be converted it has a success. How one can control their mind to avoid distraction and achieve success and how to gain and spread positive energy. "They only live, who live for others", The greatest sayings of swami Vivekananda. The problem within you is, you are thinking only about yourself which leads to a negative way of living. Live to help others, when you leave your safe zone and help others automatically someone will help you when you beg for help, otherwise no one will come for you. Gain a list of positive contacts which will automatically leads you towards a positive side. Be with a group of friends who lives to achieve something in the life. Be polite and kind, when you are speaking to the people that will show your attitude much more high. Don't ever show your anger with the words, that will let you down

Student to Employee

This is my  Second blog post. In this I would like to share about my interview experience and how to crack any interview easily. Studying engineering and getting a job is myth. But it is not true the one who utilizes the time properly with technologies and learn some new things every day will definitely get a job. Around 1.5 million engineering graduates are passing out every year in India, from that only 7% of the engineers are employable,left out are not eligible for job. The major reasons are 1) Due to huge population the number of students who are not getting job is high. 2) Lack of proper infrastructure and qualified faculty members in many engineering colleges. 3) In India 80% of the company are service based which lacks adequate infrastructure. After completing higher secondary schooling many of them wish to pursue engineering or doctor. Since for doctor profession management fees is very much high so they prefer engineering. Some of them are joining engineering due to fo

Richer gets richer poorer gets poorer